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How to Have a Successful Business Meeting

Business meetings are an integral part of the decision-making and communication process within an organization. These meetings allow employees to discuss important decisions and can be conducted either online or in person. These meetings typically involve the management or higher-level employees and are usually focused on strategic planning and policy issues. In order to have a successful meeting, it is important that the attendees have a clear understanding of the purpose of the meeting and what their roles will be during the meeting. This article will provide suggestions on how to conduct an efficient business meeting.

Find out the purpose of the business meeting prior to starting. If possible, you should communicate your intentions to all participants before the meeting. This will keep the discussion on course and will prevent unnecessary time particularly during brainstorming sessions. Making an agenda and estimating the amount of time each subject will take is helpful. The leader should not add items to the agenda that he does not think is feasible to consider within the time frame available however, on the other hand the leader should not be afraid to add any item that requires further research and consideration before a final decision can be made.

Ensure everyone is on time to begin the meeting. If needed, contact those who are expected to attend the meeting at least a day or two ahead of time to remind them. This will allow them to go over any documents or other information that is relevant to the meeting prior to the meeting, making it easier for attendees to arrive at the correct place on the meeting day. During the meeting, it’s helpful to use Airtame’s Single Window Sharing feature, which allows you to share one program or webpage at a time, while keeping other programs off. If a discussion diverges from topic, it is a good idea for someone to raise their hand and flag it to ensure that the discussion can be redirected to its main focus.


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