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Board Meeting Recommendations

If you’re conducting an in-person meeting in your boardroom or a remote board meeting from your couch There are a few essential techniques that can help your meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

The importance of punctuality and planning — getting up on time and making sure that board members have all the materials they need ahead of the meeting is an excellent way to begin. Agendas that are well-written and clear and distributing them in advance can also help keep the discussion focused on the most important issues that need to be addressed.

Avoid spending time on reports. Long reports can quickly overwhelm the board’s discussions. Only discuss leadership and committee reports during board meetings if they are needed to make https://surveyboardroom.com decisions or provide oversight. The rest can be discussed via email or smaller meetings.

Limit discussions about features and roadmaps for products -The direction of a business should not be determined by what the CEO believes the market would like. Make sure you know why you’re taking specific steps when you need to discuss features or roadmaps. This will help you stay on track and will help avoid the “Enron effect” in which the board is so secluded not to notice problems building beneath the surface.

Keep candor breaks on the agenda. These brief periods of silence let board members raise questions they aren’t comfortable discussing in front of their peers. These breaks are often needed to ensure that everyone’s views are heard and that they feel comfortable expressing themselves.

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