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AVG Internet Security Review

AVG internet security is an extensive set of tools to keep your computer safe, but it struggles to separate itself from its rivals. The smart scan is good, checking for several issues like unsafe browser extensions and unsecure web pages which could serve as gateways to malware. It isn’t as effective in certain areas, like detecting fake sites that try to steal your information.

The program is simple to install and use, with simple interface that looks great best data rooms on any device and functions well regardless of whether you have a touchscreen or not. The five protections included in the complete package – Computer Internet & Emails, Hacker attacks, Privacy and Payments – are organized into simple categories. They are further broken down into sub-categories, such as password protection for webcams and webcams. protection.

If you’re looking at additional features, you can opt to add on premium phone support and TuneUp tools for a fee. There’s a version that has an VPN available for a small cost.

The upselling process is quite aggressive and, regardless of which plan you select, certain features are inaccessible unless you upgrade to a higher-end product. For instance, if opt for the free version of AVG Internet Security you’ll be encouraged to install Google Chrome and AVG SafePrice. Review the terms and conditions before downloading any software. You may end up having something that is less powerful than you anticipated.

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