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Safe Uploading and Downloading Business Files

Uploading and downloading files securely is vital for business.

When sharing large amounts of data it’s essential that your file-sharing system can fend off any malicious attacks. Malware usually takes the form of a malicious document with an innocuous extension, like.jpeg or.gif. This method lets hackers bypass security measures and replace a legitimate file with one that looks similar but is in fact a malicious program. One way to guard against these kinds of “undercover invasions” is to have an option to verify the content of uploaded files based on their extensions.

You can configure your upload system to ensure it examines the name of the file type as well as extensions to see whether they are compatible with a malicious extension. This is best combined with other security measures. A defense-in depth approach is necessary to protect your business.

For instance in addition to checking for file names and extensions, it’s also recommended that your uploader verifies the www.firedataroom.com content of the files being uploaded to avoid fake or malicious documents from being uploaded and shared with other users. This is especially crucial for sensitive documents that may contain personal information or copyrighted data.

For instance, Mitchell needs feedback from his business partners regarding the marketing campaign. He uploads the campaign’s files to SimplePractice and shares a link with his business partners. They can access documents on their laptops, tablets and phones. They can even edit the document, and see changes synchronize in real-time.

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