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Productive Board Meetings

A focused approach to meeting planning is crucial for effective board meetings. This will ensure that you benefit from every minute of your meeting. This means staying on the right track while avoiding rabbit trails as well as other unnecessary detours, and repeating agenda goals when necessary. It also requires a precise timekeeper who keeps the agenda moving, and an individual who is assigned to take notes in detail so that everyone can examine them later.

Distribute all relevant materials and the agenda in advance so that participants can be prepared. This will allow you to keep the meetings on track and allow discussions to begin when everyone is up to level on the topics of discussion.

Reduce the amount of time you spend on reports and routine items which can drag down conversations and make participants feel bored and disengaged. Instead, focus on discussing strategic issues and other important issues that can propel the company forward.

Find patterns in your routine reports and turn them into action items that the board can tackle during the meeting. This is a good way to energize your board members and they will be charged with resolving a particular issue rather than simply responding reports.

Give your board members the chance to share their opinions and ideas during the meeting. This will make them feel valued and heard and can bring new ideas to be introduced that might have otherwise not been considered.


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